Think about becoming a Certified Gate Judge.

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February 20, 2012
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February 29, 2012
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Think about becoming a Certified Gate Judge.

Many of you have “enjoyed” the volunteering activity of being a Gate Judge!  Yet another aspect of the glamorous parent world of Alpine Racing athletes.   

If you haven’t been a Gate Judge yet, you almost certainly will in the future.  They are required in quantity at every race, often the last job to get enough volunteers for, and the race will not start without them. 

This web site has information on becoming a Certified Gate Judge.  An easy  self study outline followed by a self administered test.  It turns out Alec is the only HVRC Certified Gate Judge, and if he can pass the test……. 

It makes you more knowledgeable; obviously important for the position, and as is the case with this email below that came out today, often entitles you to free lift tickets.  You’re going to do it anyway, why not learn more about it, and pick up some free passes while you do?  Check it out.  Get Certified.


The ROC’s have requested certified gate judges for the upcoming PA Cup Finals Feb 24-26 at Elk and the J4-5 Derby March 4 & 5 at Roundtop. Both ROC’s are offering two lift tickets for every certified judge that volunteers a full day at these races – one ticket for the judge and one for a member of his/her family. They may not be sold or returned for cash. If you can help, please contact: 



These are two of Pennsylvania’s five premier races. Let’s load the hills with certified judges so there are no controversies due to uneducated judging at state level races. Thank you. Hope to see you there. 

Bill Filling

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