Get that HVRC Paperwork done!

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October 17, 2013
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November 7, 2013
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Get that HVRC Paperwork done!

The HVRC board is approaching this season as every other; a few  challenges and many opportunities. We are excited about the new season!

You can find the tentative 2013-2014 race and practice schedule on the 2014 Schedule tab.

As you will see, there are (5) Open Cup Races that are included with HVRC membership.  The Critchfield Cup and Spring Carnival Races are not included with club membership.  Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change as weather and snow conditions dictate.

Club dues this year are $325 per racer, which includes all practices including our annual clinic and the five Open Cups.  Club dues for renewing HVRC members should be paid by November 16, 2013 and every racer must send in the liability form  and paid dues prior to joining their first practice of the 2013-2014 season.     This is a change from last year.  The Liability Waiver and Application form can be found on the INFO tab.

New members must submit their application, liability form and club dues before attending their second practice.  Please do not use earlier versions of the forms.  Those members that are renewing need not send in a club application unless their personal information has changed.  Please let us know as soon as possible if your racer will be joining HVRC this year.

Applications, liability forms, and dues should be sent to Ralph Manson  289 Shasta Drive  Pittsburgh, PA  15239

Hopefully all of last year’s racers are in the process of renewing their USSA membership.
If you are joining the club this year, your racer must obtain a USSA card.  Please remember that HVRC membership requires USSA membership.  HVRC club is a USSA club and so we are covered from a liability standpoint.  Part of your USSA dues helps pay for this coverage.  Part of the renewal requires medical insurance that you carry.  The membership application will not be processed without medical coverage.

Renewing members must complete their renewal by October 15th.  If your racer is a first time USSA member and has not signed up, this can be done anytime; the late fee for registering after Oct 15 is waived for first time members only.

There are several membership levels depending on what your racer will be doing.  For HVRC, there are only two levels that matter; Competitor and Youth Competitor.  Competitor is for racers that are age 12 and older prior to the cutoff date.  This would includeU21, U18, U16, and U14.   Youth Competitor (U12 and U10 is for racers under age 12 prior to the cutoff date.  The cutoff date for age groups is December 31 regardless of birthdate.  For example, if you turned age 13 on February 8th, 2012, you are considered age 13 (U14) for the entire 2013-2014 race season even though you will turn 14 in the middle of the season.

Race members who have equipment to sell should give the information to me.  We have a number of younger racers who may be interested in used equipment.  I do have several HVRC jackets that have been donated to the club by race members. They are mostly smaller sizes.  You can contact me if you have interest.

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