Congratulations Nick on a great season!

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March 12, 2012
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April 23, 2012
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Congratulations Nick on a great season!


Congratulations to Nick Blasey for his accomplishments all season, culminating at the Marriott Junior Championships. 



 84 of the top ranked boys from the Eastern US competed over five days on the renowned Narrow Gauge race slope at Sugarloaf, Maine.  Nick finished 55th in the Super G; a respectable result for his seed rating.   


Starting 71st in his 1st GS run, he jumped 15 spots to finish 56th.  This result was quite good as race conditions were awful; a nice combination of freezing rain, rain, and fog.  (19) racers did not finish the run.  He had some bad racing luck in the second GS run as his ski came off early in the run; he was one of (18) racers that did not finish the second run.   


The weather for the Slalom was excellent and so was Nick.  Starting 71st, he finished 41st in the field of 84!  His second run was equally good and his net result for the Slalom Race was 33rd place; an excellent result from a lower seed starting position. 




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