About HVRC

Our Members

We are open to racers of all ages so long as the racer is able to handle themselves in an independent and responsible manner on the slopes and on the chair lifts. We do require they recognize symptoms of cold and fatigue. Racers are permitted and encouraged to take breaks as needed, but they will be unescorted if they choose to rest or eat at different times. Typically the club will practice at least once during the weekend; meeting at 9:00 AM, slope time from 9:15 – 12:00. All racers are solely responsible for participation in practices. We recommend that those racing in USSA sanctioned events attend as much practice as possible.

Competitive Opportunities

There are a number of USSA sanctioned races that the club attends. These races are optional; club membership is not dependent on them. Racers are classified U8 – U21 (e.g. Under 8 yrs. old through Under 21 yrs. old) depending on the Racer’s age, so the racer will be competing against other racers that are no more than a year older. USSA & HVRC do not recommend “racing up” with an older age group. In turn, we do not support U8’s running USSA races unless there is a competing U8 bracket.

Racers and parents are responsible for getting themselves to training and races. As a parent of a competing racer, you can expect to be asked to volunteer to help at the race. The club makes every attempt to have at least one coach attend U8 – U16 events. Usually, club members share rides when possible along with planning parental attendance. Typically, the younger racers (U8 – U16 ), will do most of their racing in the Western PA area. There is one potential overnight stay as part of a team competition that club members may attend at their option. U18 – U21 can attend the local races and/or become involved in the PA Cup Series, which involves weekend travel within the state of Pennsylvania.

The club also runs the Open Cup Series of races (6-7 races) at Hidden Valley. U8’s are encouraged to compete in these Open Cup Races. HVRC members can run these races at no cost as part of their membership. The annual Critchfield Cup is run by the club however the entry fee is not included.

Parent Involvement

As with any club, we expect parents to participate. There are a number of ways to do this; including assisting with Open Cup Races, Special Olympics, Ski Swap, course set-up and tear-down, course monitor, etc. Generally, a typical practice session involves coaches and 3-5 others that assist or handle these tasks. Most of the work occurs at the beginning and end; usually 30-45 minutes for each so there is plenty of time for parents to enjoy Hidden Valley while the racers practice.